Edible & Medicinal Flower Herb Walk with Kami McBride
Discover healing plants that boost energy, heal skin,
activate digestion and turn any meal into a celebration
Join me in my favorite garden and explore healing herbs and flowers that will boost your home apothecary and fill your meals with medicine and beauty
You will be amazed with the healing, medicinal benefits of these beautiful herbs and flowers
  •  Which medicinal flower is anti-inflammatory and soothing to the digestive tract?
  •  Which edible flowers heal the skin, uplift your mood or calm the nervous system?
Get inspired to eat delicious, nutritious, medicinal edible flowers!
Learn how to identify and use beautiful and delicious edible flowers and herbs
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In this video tutorial class, you’ll learn:
  • The powerful medicinal qualities of edible flowers
  • Yummy ways to use edible flowers in your everyday meals
  • How to use edible flowers to support digestion and prevent colds
  • Which edible flowers are spicy and can add delicious flavor to your food
  • Edible flower recipes to wow your guests with tasty flower infused appetizers, soups, side dishes, main dishes and more
  • Which herbs can boost energy, heal the skin, regenerate tissue and activate digestion
Here’s what you get:
Virtual Herb Walk with Kami in Her Favorite Herb Garden
Join me for this colorful edible herb and flower walk. Meet all of the beautiful edible flowers that you can decorate your food with and eat. Delicious and healing pink, purple, white, blue, orange and yellow flowers ready to be sprinkled on your next meal.
Learn about flowers that are food for you and the bees and explore the easiest to grow edible flowers that not only bring beauty to your lunch plate, but provide multiple medicinal benefits as well.
Edible Flower Recipes and Uses
Now lets talk more in depth about how to wow your guests with tasty flower infused appetizers, soups, side dishes and edible flower garnished drinks. 
I've got a few gardening tips for you and of course, these gorgeous flowers are not only edible, they are medicinal too! I am going to do my best to inspire you to eat more delicious, nutritious, medicinal, edible flowers. Try putting nasturtium flowers on a sandwich just like you would add tomatoes or lettuce...
Edible Flowers in Pictures
Want to see these beautiful flowers up close? Peruse these beautiful, colorful photographs of Kami's favorite medicinal flowers!
Edible Flower Resource Guide
Whether you are creating tasty flower infused appetizers or floral garnished soups, once you start enjoying flowers in your meals, I can bet that you will want to start growing more edible flowers! Here you will find the resources for doing just that!
Edible and Medicinal Flowers eBook
Healing flowers that boost energy, heal skin, activate digestion and turn any meal into a celebration. Medicinal uses and recipe sheets written in a beautiful easy to access format
Let's to on a virtual herb walk in a BEAUTIFUL garden meeting some of my favorite medicinal plants; maybe you’ll recognize some of them!
Then we ‘go inside’ and dive into a deeper lecture about specific medicinal uses and recipes. Not only will you learn simple gardening tips and yummy ways of preparing your edible flowers, but you'll be amazed at just how healing these flowers are.

After more than 35 years of talking people on herb walks, I am so happy to be sharing some of my favorite medicinal plants with you. 

Edible flowers always make your meals more refreshing and beautiful. Once you start enjoying using edible flowers in your meals, there is no going back!
I am always amazed at the ‘wow’ factor that comes with serving a meal glittered with the rainbow of beautiful colors as they dance on the plates of your guests. I mean it when I say that edible flowers turn every meal into a celebration…..
Here’s to your herb filled home apothecary and many glorious meals decorated with your favorite edible flowers.
I’ve been helping people discover the amazing, delicious world of medicinal plants for more than 35 years.
These herbs and flowers make me happy and I think you will find that to be true also! 

It is my pleasure to take you on this herb walk and edible flower journey to discover the simplicity and beauty of this healing home art. My mission is to help revive the skill of home herbalism so that we can avoid unnecessary use of medication and raise health literate kids.

Learning how to use edible flowers is a wonderful way to build your confidence and skill using medicinal plants even if you are just getting started with herbs. 
Ready to go on a fun virtual herb walk wtih Kami?
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